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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Begonia Story - Part 1

After the renovation my Black Velvet Begonia had paid its price with its life.
The ordeal of long delayed work and the abuse of sun and rain was unbearable.
My only regret is that I could have paid more attention to it
but alas, it died slowly in stages.
I did pass few cutting to few of my gardener's friends but pity,
none of them survived in their garden too.

After licking my wounds of defeat for few months.
(another few - weeping and mourning quietly)
I was determined never to give up hope.
I bought few and placed them on hangers
only to find their demise after another few months.
This time I almost gave up.

I thought of this idea:
to replicate the original idea of placing them on stones and pebbles.
I had manage to set them and leave it for few weeks
in order for nature to take care its course
(creating an ambiance of natural setting for the moisture and humidity to work through the stones first)

I had placed few cuttings tucked in between the stones
(more fingers crossed this time)
I really would consider this would be the end of my hobby for begonias.
That is - I would if I want to - just concentrate on the hardy ones only.

Most of them appear to be limp and almost dead for the few days.
Then against all hope
I notice the leaves had resurrected and some had given out a new leaf
(Is that what they say - turning a new leaf? Anyway - back to the story)

This gave me hope.
After few months - more plantlets and leaves began to emerge.
I started to recommend this idea to most of my friends.
That is instead of using cocopeat and planting them on pots.
Rather - layer them and tuck them in between stones and pebbles.
And allow the excess watering to flush out to drain.
That way - these would be considered hardy.

These receive morning and afternoon (limited) sun.
They are planted at the side of the wall where they receive open rain.
(the opening space between the wall and the awning)
I was worried at first that it might cause harm to them during the raining season but
somehow all these had pulled through very well.

I thought the leaves were dis-integrating themselves as they age.
But later, one night - I found a slug feasting on a leaf
(What a horror!)
Too late - the remaining leaf was dangling helplessly with this vermin.
I manage to kill it and apply some snail & slug poison.
I guess - the earlier dose would had washed off due to the frequent raining.

My only setback are the snails and slug of which they have easy excess
The make quite a damage, making holes on the leaves.
Now I'm thinking whether to trim off the whole damage leaves or just leave them be.
I did apply some organic fertiliser
(Though - I must confess, I'm not so good in feeding them consistently)
But their growth is ever so slow - I wish that I can see them fully conquer the stones.

And would be indeed - something to be proud of.
(Well - I manage to keep them alive for sometime)
That is indeed considered a big achievement for me to start with.

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