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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Succulent - 2nd Chance

It had been the most frustrating moment
to find that the ones I bought had rotted from the inside out.
I had purchased both of these succulents from Giant Supermarket (near Batu Caves)
within 2 weeks - just as I planned to transplant them - they had rotten from the core.
I tried my best to save the pups at least but it was too late as the whole thing
(mother and babies) All reduced to a gooey juice.

That is the price to pay for not attending to them soon.
What happened was (here the story)
I was so busy during that two weeks and I had left it at the side
only to find rain water had seeped from the bottom of the pot.
I was thinking that it should be fine as I was not pouring water on top of it.

The time I decided to transplant them and change the soil.
Bad timing -
I should had done that sooner, the soil composition was mussy like a clay.
The roots came apart and the whole crown topped over rotten.

And it was a double pain when both of the pots had similar outcome.
The Tiger Jaw appeared to have no hope as it was just as soaking wet.
But the damage was done.
The whole thing also started to rot one by one and nothing was saved.

Too bad.
Lesson learnt: Change the soil at once when purchased.

This is the Second set.
I had immediately removed the soil and separated all the pups and let the would to heal in few days time before replanting them with fast draining medium.
After researching - I found out that it is known as Aloe brevifolia.
Also known as Short-Leaved Aloe.

And they are only required to watered lightly like 2 weeks once.
(They had been receiving water on a daily basis - no wonder it died)

I'm still new with this.
If there is anyone who had successfully manage to keep this plant thriving.
Please do let me know your secrets of success.

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