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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Eulophia Ground Orchids

This plant is definitely rescued. I found it at the construction site near the roadside. It's truly a beauty. A week later this whole orchid patch wouldn't had excited, buried under a hard cemented and brickwork.

I was excited and at the same time sceptical as I had this plant twice and it didn't survive in my garden. This time I manage to get it growing on a soil medium which is very helpful as the earlier ones where actually growing on challenging mediums (rotting cloth & rotting pressed wood) and the plant slowly succumb to its death as the roots didn't manage to adapt to the new environment.

Finally it had sprouted flower spikes and gave out many blooms. I had noticed 2 different colours on them. (One white and another pink centre) I wonder whether if both are the same species of a different gender or two different species.

My other ground Orchid is still going strong blooming.

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