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Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Cactus Garden - Part 2

Tiger's Jaw (Faucaria Tigrina)
They seemed to require more watering than the weekly routine. Seemed like too much watering can also cause stem & root rot. So perhaps 4-5 days light watering can bring the best for this type.

These are the most easiest of cactus. 
They had given out so many shoots over time that make-up 90% of my collection. I think once they establish in the pot - they tend to sprout out pups slightly from the trunk and eventually put out roots and fall taking out all the immediate space available within the rim of the pot.

Silver Squill.  - Ledebouria socialis

I had hard times with one.
Often end up rotting and barely surviving. Too much water kills too less water kills.
Somehow it had managed to established here with the cactus collection and doing very well after a very long period of time.

This succulent was rescued from the dump. 
The leaves didn't look like this when I picked it up.
 It was totally bare with few damaged leaves and stumps. 
It took almost a month to put up new sprouts and its totally beautiful. It has a powdery dust on the leaf surface like find gloss and its quite sensitive as they can easily snap when handled.

I have yet to identify the name of this plant yet. 
Right now there are more shoots coming out from these stem & doing very well so far.

I had placed my ginger plant here due the rat harassment that it always get its shoot bitten. For some time it got dormant and never recovered. This is a different type of a root family - I suspect it could be a similar kind of the herbal root type.

Other sharp pointy plants.
African Milk Tree
And ZZ plant - currently infested with scaly bug which I need time to administer poison over them.


  1. That looks like a ginger. Your ZZ plants made me recall mine that has died last year :-( But after the plant rotted, it regrew again. So now it is just a little plant in a big pot :-)

    1. I guess so from a ginger family.
      ZZ plant is really a hardy plant.


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