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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Colourful Foliages

If you consider these plants at the first glance - they may appear to be beautiful but in reality these are the ones that tend to disappear from the garden if they are neglected. 

These are actually behind the curtains.
The Spanish Moss had literally covered the whole view from the front - and so creating an illusion of a secret   Garden. 
A Garden within a Garden.

 The pink one which I got it a year earlier seemed to propagate easily and happily sit wherever I plant them.
This motivated me to get more Fittonias with many shades but only found 3 types sold in the nursery
(the pink, the red & the green ones) 

I skipped the green one as I had enough green in my garden & wanted to have more colours in my garden.

Basically the new ones I bought recently is the redder shade of Fittonia (Mosaic Plant) from Sg. Buloh nursery for RM6.00. 
The vendor refuse to give me a discount but I got it anyway as I noticed that there are none sold in other nurseries along the street-side.

The Earthstar Bromeliad  (Cryptanthus) seemed to give out so many pups and I manage to fill then in between of most nooks & corner in my garden. They seemed to be growing fast into the adult stage.

These pictures don't show a clear detail of my current garden as my camera had gave way. Something had snapped inside it and that's the end of it. I guess it served its purpose for about 10 years! Its a pity that I have to make do with my mobile-phone camera. It look so vague.
Hope to get a new camera soon when the funds are available.


  1. Such beautiful textures and colours James. I'm used to seeing Fittonia used in flowering indoor arrangements though I find that it's quite shallow rooted and easy to die if neglected. It's years since I last grew an earthstar but I could never get that intense pink colour that you have in yours.

  2. I love the bright red of your Cryptanthus. I used to have lots of them, but they have all died when I took them for granted. The same with the Fittonia. Your red-veined Fittonia is lovely. Now, I simply just plant flowering shrubs and vines. Tiny plants and small-sized foliage are just secondary plants. This way, my garden will seem to have perpetual blooms.

  3. Hi James, First, thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog. You are SO NICE! You made me smile.

    I love your photos. I wish I could grow more of your plants. They're so colorful even though there are no flowers. I hope you can get a new camera soon. I guess 10 years is good and they don't last forever. Plus they keep getting better and better.

    Best wishes dear friend.

  4. Hello James! The pics are ok to me no worries ;-) I like your idea of including red leafed plants into the garden. They make the garden more interesting and lively. Just like what they have done for you. Enjoy the colours and have a great weekend.

  5. Even with mobile phone they look very pretty. Colourful foliage does make the garden more lively. I have something waiting for you in my recent post and hope you can drop by for a visit.


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