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Monday, August 6, 2012

Vertical Gardening Concept

 I think there is a lot of hype on the idea of vertical gardening. I believe a lot of it is in the experimental status and in many cases some are successful in creating the ideal medium in handling the plant material.

At best - its always good to choose plants that are epiphyte in nature (plants that grows on trees) I had discovered that Tradescantia can do very well as an epiphyte - specifically Green Wandering Jew (Tradescantia fluminensis) and Bolivian Jew or Turtle Vine (Callisia repens)

These had done so well for few months. (The plants are layered on a wire)
All they need is daily watering.

I had added Zebra Tradescantia together here and it is doing fine. 
(Also Purple Queen & Bolivian Jew - below)

The Purple Queen Flower.

These are famously known as Airplants.
(Spanish Moss and the other two Tillandsia which I really not sure what species are they)
One thing for sure - they had grown bigger compared to the size I had first purchased them.

These are my orchid collections.
All of them are fastenened on wood and some wrapped with coconut husk.
Most of them are doing fine and to a certain degree some are slow and dormant.
I really not sure what are their specific species names.
Somehow I'm still waiting for the majority of them to bloom to be sure what exactly are they.

Regardless - I enjoy looking at them in their well defined roots and leaves in their natural form fastened on wood and branches. And it really save a lot on the fact where I really don't have to worry about root rot or over-potting problems.

Finally - Im still blooming Ground Orchid at its very prime age. Two of its spiked had dried off. This is the last one. I'm still secretly hoping new spikes to spring forth. I guess it got lot to do with correct fertilising regiment which I'm very much neglecting.
Blooming since February.

Hope you enjoy viewing this Vertical Gardening Concept.


  1. I like the way you've planted the golden shower aka dancing lady orchids. Will try it out one of this days. Thanks for the idea.

    I've tried tying them on living tree trunks, but didn't like the idea as it marred the pristine look of the trunks.

    1. The living trunk might resist the orchids living on them especially when they require some debris to hold the rootball together.
      This branches are collected along the roadside after the tree trunks had been pruned - I kept them for another few weeks for all the sap & gum to flow out & the branch to dry up.

  2. Hello James, I have been looking forward to your next post and have not been disappointed. Very interesting and somewhat unusual is the vertical planting. I saw examples of this on BBC Gardeners world recently. They were covering a huge area and shoving in plants of all descriptions. I think, as you suggest a little more selectivity is required.

    1. I guess Vertical Gardening is going to be the next modern thing as it is economic as in space.
      There are lots of options - it all depends how much a person can afford it.

  3. Hi James, you haven't been posting for a while, glad you had time now to post. Your plants are just telling me you have a very high relative humidity in your area. Are you in the uplands in Malaysia? That Tillandsia usneoides is lovely, i have it but cannot grow much, most of the lower branches here die during the dry season, so regain life again when the rains come. Now we have 10days rains and most places here in Metro Manila flooded and lots of families evacuated. I hope it stop now so not more damages will ensue, please pray for us! But I in Manila and my family in the province are safe, dont worry about us. I worry for the people. thanks.

    1. I have been busy for the last month and was not free to take any pictures.
      I'm staying on higher grounds compared to the city area but the humidity level is just very slightly higher than the lower grounds.
      Most of the trees around my area (hillsides) had been cut-down and new housing development had been started which causes the drop in humidity.
      Hope the situation in your country gets better.

  4. I like the way you maximize your space and turn it into a vertical garden. Thank you for sharing this brilliant concept.

    1. I guess we all learn from each other.
      Expanding & experimenting in gardening.

  5. thanks for the great tip on growing the wandering jew as epiphyte, I will try this :)
    I wish I could let me orchid collection 'go wild' on the tree trunks. The occasional freezes in Central Florida, short as they may be, would kill them :-/

    1. There is quite a great collection of plants that are hardy which does well as hanging plants.
      I guess most of the tropical plants are not build for frost. I had seen the burn (pic in blogs) and it really shocks me.

  6. Hi James, Yes vertical gardening definitely requires a specific type of care, much different than in-ground methods. I love your set up and your orchid is beautiful.

  7. Using orchids for vertical gardening is a great idea. I like how you tie them up and display them. James, you are always full of ideas!

    1. Thanks Belle - Guess we all learn from each & another in improvising our gardening skills.

  8. Wonderful concept James! I like the way you planted those orchids :-D


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