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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Bleeding Hearts & Bougainvillea

Sometimes when a plant do so well all the time and then you realise that you had just taken it for granted.
Bleeding Hearts just do that..

They are so gorgeous that they last for months - just went you think that the 1st bloom is over the next one is already in line. And there are so many new sets that the whole thing is cascading with layers of whites & reds.

I had recently reset this plant - trimming and pruning all the sprouting branches.
They tend to be leggy and put out new shoots everywhere.
However you might want to see it - once they start blooming - it is just glorious.

My variegated bougainvillea is blooming well together with my bleeding hearts.

I guess it must be the weather thing - too hot and sudden rain causes these to bloom.

My drain-side is layered with Wandering Jew (Zebra Tradescantia) and Petti-coat Fern.
I let it take root here as they seemed to like the cascading vertical effect.

I also manage to discover two different types of Zebra Tradescantias. 
Hope to find more of these variegated species in my collection. (picture below)

Finally my Sapodilla Tree.
They also seemed to continuously blooming and fruiting at the same time.
Planning to harvest them by this weekend.
Picking them too late and the fruit falls off - over-ripe.
Picking them too early and the fruit never gets ripen (still immature)
So its a 50-50 chance thing on harvesting them.


  1. What a beauty your Bleeding Hearts, James! And such long bloomers!

  2. I also have the bleeding heart vine; I pay it no attention and it does fine

  3. Sapodilla is ciku?
    My father favourite.
    So many fruits on your tree.
    Your bleeding hearts so gorgeous.

  4. I love vining plants, especially the bleeding heart vine. Mine doesn't produce much blossoms, unlike yours. The flowers are pretty. I love bougainvilleas too, but my parents hate the constant shedding of flowers.

  5. Hi James,
    You sure have a lot of lushness in your container gardens! Your bleeding hearts look different from ours. They are beautiful! I hope you get some ripe fruits in your harvest.

  6. Your bleeding heart vine is doing very well. They are indeed many blooms. Soon you'll be tasting the fruits of your labour - sweet delicious chiku.

  7. So true about the bleeding hearts!

  8. Hi James, congratulations you have the beautiful garden, I liked the bleeding heart

  9. I have a rooted cutting of the bleeding heart. it flowered once many months ago. The little plant grows so slowly that I don't think it is going to flower again... sigh. James, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out in my latest post. You have a great day!

  10. My bleeding heart vine has been going crazy - I must look back and see when it bloomed last year - I just love it and yours looks great!

  11. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments.

  12. Hi James, I suggested on a reply to your comment on my blog that your bleeding heart may be the form spectabilis. Well, I should have guessed, your one is much more exotic, very beautiful.


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