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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Orchids in My Garden

The love of orchids had infected me.
 Ask any gardeners who are into orchids - they will find that there is no such thing immunity - the overenthusiastic never seemed to end.

This is a type of Oncidium Orchid (not sure of the specific species name) 
The flower is larger than the usual ones. I received it in a pot (given to me as a gift from a friend)
and found that one of the active bulbs got rotten. (Ouch!!!)

I reset the whole thing - took out the plant and found most of the root mass soggy and rotting.
And so - I trimmed off and salvage the few that is left and wrapped it with a coconut husk and hung it on a tree branch.

(Can you see the lady in there?)

Left with 2 backbulb and 1 active one (with the flower spike)
The earlier active bulb rotted but found another new bulb appearing (see below)

This is a different type on Oncidium (The primary colours appears to be cream turning to white when the flower takes shape into maturity)
Bought it for RM10.00 without the flower spike. (with flower cost RM15.00) 

Again  - the same story.
When checked the root mass - it was slowly getting rotten with new roots just barely managing on the surface of the pot. I remove all of them and tied it on the tree branch with coconut husk.
Later found a new bulb emerging from the side. (pic. below)

These are my Oncidiums (a smaller version) given to me by my office colleague. They finally bloomed.

These are my Ground Orchids.
They never seemed to stop blooming.
Started approx from February till now (about 5 months now)
I guess they like the new location and the fertiliser seemed to sustain them well.

Finally, My Renanthera Orchid plant given to me by my office mate.
This one is root-less and so I'm very much hoping that it will slowly send out new root shoots.


  1. It is amusing to see your orchids attached anywhere, even with the PVC pipe. This is not very friendly to your orchid esp to that one which still has to root yet. A good attachments for them are woods and adding those coconut husks near the root zone will increase the moisture content in the area. If in PVS moisture will not be retained. I hope your Oncidium will not succumb to virus, they easily get it, so be sure they are healthy to resist virus and pest attacks.

  2. Beautiful orchids, James! I love your oncidiums, especially the cream-coloured one. I've yet to find a decent oncidium here though. The ground orchids are also stunning!

  3. I really like their oncidium mounted, the size of them is considerable. The terrestrial orchids are stunning in bloom five months..Woww

  4. Your dancing ladies are flowering beautifully now. So are the palm orchids.


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