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Friday, February 17, 2012

Figurine & Garden Ornaments

It was one of the zealous moments when I took one week leave and spend the time with family and friends.
And in this case going out with a friend
who is equally crazy about gardening like me.
The best part is that is he is very much informed of
(where to buy - what you want)
the nurseries and shops around Sg. Buloh area.

The best part is that because we took leave to do just that - there was no interruption, no worry about just to keep up with other errants. That is to say - enough time to consider, decide & discuss about the plants profile and exchanging ideas and knowledge.

I had stumble across this beautiful figurine.
A Japanese lady in white. (RM7.00)
I'm not so much into figurine - placing them in the garden somehow brings a lot thoughts to consider due to space and the fact that animals (chicken, cat, squirrel) visit my garden might damage my figurine.

But this one was truly an exception to me.
Sort of like a garden fairy.
I like the way she is resting her hands.
As to say,
"Can I be of your assistance?"

I don't know whether you would call this an ornament factor.
I had found this shell thrown away in a dump.
(I guess someone had decided to get rid of their aquarium content)
Personally I like the way it blends with the surrounding
- not to upfront & strong and at the same time
- evident that it is noticeable.

And the apple container
(one of the old food containers)
passed to me by my mother in law.
Looks like when it is partially viewed
behind the Bichetii Grass (Cholorophytum bichettii)
This one doesn't give out the hanging sprays like the Spider plant.

I wonder if the tiles are any way considered Garden Ornaments.
Regardless - whether it is an ornament or not,
I still like the expression of the Jatropha flower petals
fall on them each morning.

Do share with me
what you think of the subtle expression
of ornaments blending with these plants in my garden.


  1. Hi James! These ornaments are not overwhelming, they add interest to your garden space and it's easy to relocate them. I always move my own garden ornaments. When something loses its attractiveness, I remove it from the garden. Have a great weekend!

  2. Pretty, gentle garden lady waiting patiently in your garden!!!

  3. Hi James, hard landscaping plays an important part in the overall appearance , I think you have got it just right.

  4. that is a very lovely figurine. She's very beautiful and poised. A great addition to your garden!

  5. Hi James
    I came upon your blog quite recently during a month long stay in Singapore and fell for its charms.
    i'd like to subscribe by email so could you please enable that facility ?

  6. That's a nice figurine! Good choice :-D Those shells are wonderful ornaments also. Your garden is getting prettier!

  7. Thank you everyone for dropping by and for the lovely comments.

    Usha - I'm really not sure how to do that.
    Perhaps you could click as a follower & follow-up with gmail account as there is facility concerning the updates there.

  8. James - I've noticed a comment above mine about email. If you go to design in your blog template and click on add widgets to the template you'll find one that allows you to add subscribe by email to your blog. Just add it to your blog and then in the design section move it to where you want it to be on your blog whether in the sidebar or footer.

    I think your mosaic floor is beautiful and I love the shells.

  9. Rosie - that tip is really helpful.

  10. The Japanese lady figurine is very nice. I have placed ornaments in my garden too. I think they make my garden more like a storybook or fantasy. Your garden looks good now.

  11. Love your ornaments and your plants are more lush

  12. Thanks Belle & Elsie - its getting beautiful.
    Still got lot more work to do.
    Just don't have the mood & the time to finish all of it.

  13. Yes James, they're all just lovely and well-placed to give that extra arty flavour to your garden. The Japanese lady figurine stands out for me!

  14. This Japanese lady figurine is a nice decorating ornament that adds new look to your garden.

    1. Thanks - I like to have more than just plants.


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