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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pineapple Dyckia - Dyckia brevifolia

This is an update of my dyckia planted on December. They seemed to remain static for awhile and continued to remain in that manner eversince. I decided to plant more bromeliads to add some colour to them. The dyckias seems to sprout out more leaves and giving that star-like figure, still no new pups emerges anywhere.

Would you believe it that those rosettes are actually from a pineapple fruit. I actually got them from a supermarket on the friut section. It was during the Chinese New Year season, I guess this one was used for prayers rather than consumption. (I guess they are ornamental pineapples?)

There were 4 pups attached to the friut. Its a pity the crown of the pineapple didn't make it but I guess I can comfort myself to see that these 4 survived. I bought the fruit for about RM4.00 which is quite a deal if you consider buying them from a nursery (a small pot of a bromeliad pup might easily cost about RM9-RM12)

I later realised that the colour had somehow changed where the lighter border seemed to be more distinct and brighter and the dark green centre being more vibrant - it really don't look anything like a pineapple now. (or is it?)

These are quite hardy and really require no care at all. So, in a sense - you can count on them for a hardy garden theme factor. The only thing is the appearance factor. Hope no one will think that these are plastic spiky stuff. (somehow, they really do feel like one)


  1. This is a new plant to me. Looking forward to see pineapple fruits growing on them, James.

  2. A very good deal. I wonder if it can be grown in shade?

  3. They look nice with pebbles, just like a rock garden James!

  4. You will see fruits by next CNY ;-) Remember to feed the plants yeah. Love this combo dish idea. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Interesting combo plants! Dyckia is a new word for me. Thanks to your recommendation, I am now enjoying the beautiful scent of my dwarf Ylang-Ylang (GBBD-May 2011 post).

  6. Interesting plant! Hardy plant? thatsound like Something suitable for me! hahahaha!

  7. Dyckia it is a new plant info for me. What is the ideal soil composition for this plant ? Does it require more sun light or semi shade? Kindly tell me if you find time

  8. J.C. - I not expecting any fruits to appear on these. Its about 6 months and they remained as it is.

    Malay-Kadazan girl - They do well in shade in my garden, so I guess they can manage that.

    P3Chandran - yeah, nice isn't it.

    Stephanie - That will really be a New Year!!
    seeing fruits on them. hehehehe...

    Autumn Belle - I had misnamed it until a blogger mentioned it to me, I thought it was agave. Glad you manage to get the Ylang-ylang, it is truly magical!

    Malar - very hardy, even the snails can't bite them...hahahaha!!!

    Ananadhirajan - A well drain soil or a balance mix also will do. They cannot stand on water or they will rot. They can do well in semi shade with less watering, Full sun but daily watering - See, if they turn burned or yellow, chances are they are not able to take the heat.

    Dykia look so much like Agave, Aloe or Hen & chicken. The difference is that this one is very hardy compared to the rest. They can take the abuse. I had not feed them nor watered them (they get watered by the occassional rain)
    And I do not want them to overgrow the pot - just like the way it is, a very bonsai asthetic look.

    Thank you for your lovely comments. Appreciate it very much!

  9. Lovely, James! Didn't know that you can propagate them that easily! They remind me of our Starfish Plant or Earth Star (Cryptanthus bivittatus).


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