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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Health Factors - Part 1

I'm sure you would be wondering what got all these to do with gardening.
Well, health is the key to all things and gardening unlocks the secrets of healing
-where you will find a cure for all kinds of diseases. Knowing what to do, what to take, which herb and medicine plant gives you the edge to win the battle against ill-health.

I'm pretty sure everyone is fully aware of the deadly disease of cancer.
Once you get it, its going to be strong battle on your health part to regain back on what you once lost. And its too late to regret for not taking care of your precious health.

Our lifestyle is so well designed to kill us.
(traffic jam, junk food, fast food, pollutions)
The no. 1 killer is STRESS.

a) So, find a way to de-stress.
Go for a massage, an evening walk in the garden, smell those roses & lilies, take that bath with flowers, candles and wine (perhaps jump together with your spouse)
or, take up a hobby, find ways to laugh your guts out, spend more time with family and friends (do avoid children - if they stress you), serve in a ministry/community.
Do something that gives you the driving force, the passion to look forward for the next day.

b) Drink adequate Water - a best guide is 6 glasses.
So, work out a system. Get a water bottle or a drinking cup - specially for just drinking water.
- Drink 1 glass in the morning.
- 1 glass after you reached your office/college or wherever when you leave your home.
- 1 glass at 10am - 11 am (1 hour before lunch)
- 1 glass (1 hour after lunch)
- 1 glass at the evening
and finally 1 glass after dinner.
This won't disrupt your daily lifestyle if you feel you are going to toilet too often.

Note: your regular 3 cups of coffee or teh tarik
(tea with milk - a local fav. drink)
doesn't count as water.

There are a lot of factors that mentioned drinking lots & lots of water as a therapy, its a little difficult to overload with drinking too much water - so, its best to start it gradually rather than jumping into a regime which might cause complication to the gastric juices and overwork of kidney.

No matter what you do - do not compromise on the area of sleep. Lack of sleep causes more stress and makes you agitated compared to all of the other area of stress put-together.
Don't wait until your body break down and then you want to take time off to rest to recover, by then too much damaged is done to the body.

4) OK - now, its the food part: DIET
a) Almost all or most of the diet programmes you invest your money, time & effort doesn't seemed to work or fall into short term result, simply because:
They are not practical based on your daily lifestyle.
Simple as that.

b) So, the next time you decide to go into a diet programme - always think whether you can live up to it for the rest of your life. IF not, don't indulge in it because your body will go into a emergency mode and start storing more fat than the last time you before you started dieting.

c) So, how to go practical about it?
- Get a diary or a notebook (an old diary also will do)
As long as you got somewhere to write and see your progress - daily, weekly and monthly.

- First, write down your current eating habits.
What you eat for:
1) breakfast,
2) snacks before breakfast
3) Lunch
4) Teatime
5) Dinner
6) Supper
7) Any other snacks eaten between.

Also calculate roughly how much you spend in a day to a week on food. Once you determine that you will able to play around that amount of what you spend converting into investing them to healthy food - gradually.

Write them daily (you can start from yesterday's meals)
But first - don't change anything - just write what is your daily diet for a week.

Once you got that sorted out.
See what you can replace - eg:
If you have: Nasi lemak & coffee for breakfast.
What can you replace that in way doesn't compromise nor disrupt your daily intake?
Perhaps, you can switch to a lower carb. and sugar for next week.
Eg: go for chapati and coffee,
then drop the drink without the condense milk?
(Malaysian choice of food are getting more & more unhealthier)

Same for every meal - see where you can improve it by switching it into a healthier choice.
Eventually you are able to handle and control the craving for the selected regular meal that you are taking for years.

As the 3rd week goes by,
others will notice your physical difference.
(provided they don't see you everyday)
Here - you will note your belly had lost a little fat, you seemed to fit in some of your once tight fitted clothes, your double chin visibly reduced)

This will give you the strong motivation to proceed to the next level where you really want to lose all the other stubborn fats that is accumulated over the years.

Now is March, by December (10 Months)
by that time, you got a beautiful, great figure and you would safe a lot and effortlessly without strife, pain or depression.

Later I will write about the herbs, healthy food and junk food. Something that most gardeners know and swear that this work & often time as usual, everyone takes it for granted because they are freely available.


  1. Within gardening there is an element of de stressing. Then replace sugar with stevia. Eat veggies only from the garden. Not only fingers, soon the whole body will turn green!!.. :)

  2. James, easier said than done! But will power is the thing to get around it..Ive done that gone there! Its an uphill battle definitely! Great post James.

  3. Having 3 blogs and an ever increasing amount of blog comments to reply back to doesn't half stress me out at times. Sometimes I don't even blog as there is no way I can get time to reply to comments. I'm trying to get to bed earlier aswell to get a good nights sleep and trying to keep of the biscuits though it is hard. Reducing the size of your dinner plate helps aswell.

  4. Oh thanks for these reminders! My weakness is in the snacks haha... And thank goodness we garden... we enjoy Nature right at our doorstep :-D And when we work in our garden, we work up a good sweat/exercise hehe...

  5. My weakness is snacks too! hahhahaa...good health tips!

  6. Thanks for the tips. My greatest weakness is managing my time hahaha, which adds to my stress.

  7. The big C is like Voldemort's name in Harry Potter, nobody here like to mention about it in full. Thank God we have our garden. Listening to the birds chirping, watching the daily drama of butterflies dancing and bugs fighting for survival in accordance to the food chain we study about in elementary school science is de-stressing. Nature heals us in ways we can never imagine.

  8. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you want too.

    God bless you :-)



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