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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orchids in My Garden

It had been a very long time this orchid had bloomed.
I guess it must be the constant daily rain that had caused this.

What I came to know is that orchids blooms when there is a temperature drop in the climate. That often happens after few days of hot weather followed by few rainy days.
(Of course, this happens a lot during the year end and I guess that's why this one bloomed)


  1. Ooh, very nice orchid bloom! What kind of orchid is it?

  2. Wow! That's beautiful! Fyi, the top of the moon cactus is a mutant. It is not dyed. it cannot survive on its own.

  3. The orchid is gorgeous. Orchids are full of surprises and it never fail to bring a smile to the owner whenever it blooms.

  4. James, all your plants are in good hands. Your orchid is rewarding you these beautiful flowers. This one lovely cattleya!

  5. This cattleya has a lovely colour James!

  6. Very beautiful! so lucky that it bloomed with the rain

  7. what a pretty orchid. It looks almost like an iris. I love the color!

  8. Orchid do have a pretty bloom! I never planted an orchid before as they say it's not easy to handle them.....

  9. Ami - this one is known as Cattleya Orchid.

    Wendy - I never realised it until you mention it. They really do look like iris. Wow.. you got sharp eyes!!!

    Malar - I too thought so, perhaps you should experiment with dove orchids (they seemed to grow on trees and everywhere) The hybrids are better - they can really stand all the abuse and still bloom. The best is they are very cheap. Don't go for slipper orchids, moth orchids or those exotic ones..

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

  10. I get asked all the time about getting orchids back into flower and I always tell them that it's a drop in room temperature that does it. Your cattleya looks lovely :)

  11. That's really a gorgeous bloom! I love bright and big flowering orchids; easy for me to appreciate, much the same like roses :) So Cattleya is one of the kinds I favor. Unfortunately my hubby loves and grow only the exotic and species orchids, the small and the dainty. I just have to really learn to love... :)

  12. Rosie - That is the most trickiest part in flowering them - making the temperature drop artificially.

    Rosa - Lucky for you that your husband got a taste in some gardening. Not every gardener gets a life partner interested in gardening or plants.


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