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Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part 3 - Exodus

This is the most difficult part, putting them in places.

First - I need to remove all the pest.
So, after cleaning the soil build-up on the side .
(shrubbing and washing)
Suddenly, I just got stuck as not sure where to start.
I begin by sorting all the tall ones from the back,
while doing one pot at a time.
(I manage to prune & put the fertiliser)
Some need major work - re-setting the soil and plants.
May have to settle this later when I have more time.

After settling all the coloured ones, I rearranged the green ones.
Ohh.. how I wished I have less plants..
(Want not, Throw not)
Grew tired by the evening and had a tea break.
Guess what (I have no energy to start again)
I just stood there and wondered what to do next..
and that took few minutes & another couples of minutes.

Well, Finally by night
I was able to set all that is needed and remodel my garden.
Even after dinner, I cannot stop myself from looking away from the garden.

Do you experience this kind of similar situation when remodeling your garden?

Felt like a lot more to do:
Replanting, finding a solution for those pest (whiteflies & mealy bugs),
overgrown ferns & dying plants
More coming this weekend.


  1. Dear James, take your time ;-) It is definitely hard to arrange all those pots. But thankfully, you have a good range of plants that are in different height. So, I hope you will have less headache he he... I am looking forward to see your completed work... enjoy the weekend and happy gardening!

  2. James, very nice job like always....well, thanks for the very nice as well very practical comments on my blog. Here I'v some explanation of your queries, hope it will satisfy the purpose.

    1) It's true that Ceasalpinia and Delonix are wind resistant but often thy are used for other more important purposes in landscaping like as specimen tree.

    2) Hibiscus is salt resistant but I'v practically grown it in Karachi golf Club Karachi Pakistan where the soil is salty because of Arabian sea in the neighborhood, even it was watered by household recycled water.

    3) Yes Adenium is great, I love this plant. I had my first introduction with this amazing creature in Bahrain. I was really amazed to see the innumerable variations in this plant, like variations in its flower shape, color, plant structure and above all its bindas look. I really love this prince of succulents.

    4)Yes true, the ornamental grasses need some maintenance to get them well attractive. But I think it's still a nice addition because they don't need too much care like other plants, and they make very nice contrast with other greenery in the lawns, parks, golf courses or in some other landscape ventures. Yeah this is true that there is a risk of snake breeding if they are used in large areas in a tropical regions with wild whereabouts.

    Have a nice day :)

  3. When remodeling, I move my plants around quite a number of times before I'm satisfied, just like rearranging furniture in my living room. However, sunlight and shade is also the key determinant factor on where I put my plants.

  4. Wow, James, I admire your energy. I have a hard time summoning up such enthusiasm for labor. (I have plenty of enthusiasm for admiring my plants, though.) I've been trying to get up the gumption for months to take my succulents, ferns, and orchids, repot them, and create an oasis outside my bedroom. They are the only plants I dare put in pots. Everything else dies in containers because I can't water twice a day. I already have wicker furniture sitting there waiting in the perfect spot. I dream of my own version of the "hanging gardens." I am just so lazy.

    By the way, you need to check out my blog. I dedicated a blog to you on the Spanish moss. I have learned a lot recently about this plant and the different opinions people have of it.

  5. Hi James,

    Well, I love remodeling my garden...just not all the work that is involved. It is hard to get rid of plants and so my collection just keeps growing and growing...

  6. Ahaaa .. to repot or not to repot! I'm gonna sleep on that tonite.
    Looking forward to your garden remodelling.

  7. Stephanie - Its definitely hard but worth it.
    Every drop of sweat!

    Hortist - Thanks for your follow-up on the comments of the plants - appreciate it very much.

    Belle - Yes you are right, the arrangement must require a factor whether its a sun lover or a shade dwelling plants. These are in semi-shade.

    Floridagirl - I guess the summoning the enthuasism had come to me by a mood factor, even then I had been very undecisive about it.
    Good luck with your dream hanging garden & will check your blog concerning the Spanish Moss.

    Noelle - Thats a great job remodeling the garden but once done - its a satisfaction that will carry the enthuasism for a very long time.

    Blossom - sound very much like Shakespear.

    Thank you everybody for your lovely thoughtful comments.


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