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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Turtle Vine - Callisia repens

I really admire this one, sadly its another story of my extinct plants. Not that it died because its difficult to take care, rather its so easy that I have totally neglect it. Eventually one day without realising, I had pushed this plant to extinction from my garden. I know one day I may come across this one and may invade my garden again, just like any tradescantia or mother of thousands. Well, as for now, Im contented with finding out it's name and characteristics.

Perhaps, one day - I may make peace and invite this one to my garden again. ( I realise that my mom do not have this plant - so, chances of getting this one is not easy as I assumed)

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  1. I have this plant! It took me forever to find out what it actually was as i had got it from a plant stand that posted up on a vacant piece of land off of one of our local roads, i would send some to you if would like. lucky13hellkitten@hotmail.com


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