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Friday, July 24, 2009

Thai Basil - Ocimum basilicum

This is the moment where the plants had invaded my office. A gardener friend who works together in office brought a bunch of this herb for me to try out. Said that her neighbour was shifting and passed this plant to her, in the midst of moving these are the broken pieces.

I asked her whether this one can be propagated using these branches? Well, she too was not sure. Anyway I managed to get some seeds from the flower pods and also took the chances in planting them using these branches. (seeds placed in a plastic)

Well, I must say that I was quite happy to see the results. The seeds did sprout after a week and the branches also did well. I manage to pass a stack to another office mate who was very much interested in this Thai Basil... (oppps.. I almost forgot to mention the details)

OK - This one is known as Thai Basil,
its have a nice fragrant on the leaves, its used as herbs but very much as a salad. It has the brown purplish flower stalk (this one is still young - green) It is very much susceptible in getting aphids, often happens when the plant is about to get very matured and its dying stage. Once this happens, its time to prune and do whatever necessary to avoid the spread to other plants.

Another plant look exactly like this one and often mistaken for Thai Basil is Thulasi or better known as Holy Basil. I will follow-up on that later. (I got that from my neighbour whose plant is vigorously sprouting it's seeds & seedling sprouting everywhere)

My development of Thai Basil sprouts. I guess its 3 weeks old.

These are planted by branch cuttings. I had placed them in water for few days before pressing them on soil. So far they look so good. I guess I do not have the heart to havest them and use them as salad, probably when my seedlings are all grown well and strong (probably then)
I have to remember that some of my neighbours and my mum did asked me for this plant. Need to pass to them too...

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