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Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden - July 2009 (The 100th Post)

Finally I have arrived to my 100th post for this blog. I would like to make a review of my garden comparing it to the last 6 months when I started working on my garden in having a this landscape concept.

Starting with the Bird nest fern which I also placed the flame violets, both of them are doing fine these few months. I actually placed the leftovers vines and tendrils of the flame violets for mulching for this fern. (didn't expect the flame violets to thrive like how its doing now)

Apparently my waterlily had gone into a dormant stage. I have been feeding some flowering fertilisers but I'm yet to see any development. I guess it got to do with the sunlight. Right now, its getting less sunny compared to the beginning of the year.
The apple figurines does look good and give that green sweet favour.

I had bought some baby carps and placed them together with the aquatic plants and water lettuce. Its quite lovely to look at them (very refreshing)

My Spanish Moss have grown long. I had trimmed and placed it in 2 more hangers (not able to seen here as its at the back portion of where this pic. is taken) They need daily watering.

This is my favourite coloured area. All the yellow and green shades with the purple queen have a nice contrast, but its evening when taking this picture and somehow it look very "dusky"
I had placed fragrant flowering plants at this area, I think I might reposition them for better sunlight area as it will encourage blooms. (orange jasmine & 2 water jasmine pots)
Also there is a hibiscus tree which I have been pruning and keeping it in a bonsai shaped tree.
(that is what gives all the green shades at the back of the bougainvillea)

I had bought this long boxed shaped pot from a supermarket. I was thinking what better way of placing all the individual plants in this big pot - that way, it helps me to easy my mind (or I will be placing all the various plants in one individual pots and it may appear ugly)
Plants placed here:
a) Mexican Petunia
b) Coleus
c) False philodendron - peperomia scandens (green & white)
d) a stalk of wax begonia (more of a trial version)
e) begonia.
I had placed the red flame ivy here earlier together with a different coloured coleus but they didn't survive. Something (rat or squirrel) dig a hole in this pot and had damaged the rooting process and the plants didn't recover.
This is my second attempt in planting my miscellaneous garden plants.

I'm glad that my black berry lily is doing fine in this shady areas as I had tough times making this plant bloom, often I have to reposition this pot here & there for better sun light areas. Now, they are constantly blooming everyday for me to enjoy the flowers.

My desert rose are growing slowly (my third desert rose with a thick root bulb had died) I managed to salvage just the crown. I had placed the Jamaican sago tree here as it gives a nice ascetic look.

I got this trailing plant from a friend (a collection of all the trailing plants) Somehow, this one is my favourite compared to all the greens. It is known as Trailing watermelon begonia or satin pellionia Its not a begonia actually (not sure why its called begonia) This one didn't do so well after replanting. The parent plant looks like dying as a lot of its shoots starts to shivel and dry up.

My mum had passed to me a smaller version of dumbcane which I had planted together with the bigger version. Somehow it looks the same here. I had placed the matured looking coleus here too for colour contrast (I'm guessing that once this plant reaches maturity, it might just die)
I need to take some cuttings from this coleus before it totally disappears)
These are the parent plants of my begonia. I realise now that I got a lot of it and somehow this one is quite hardy. Not much of flowers but well rounded bushy leaves. They look good when placed as ground covered plants.
I bought this creeping fig from the supermarket. Its the varigated type (small leaves with white spots) somehow it look very tame and beautiful. Said its an invasive plant that can creep along the wall. I haven't tried it yet. Love to see that wall full of carpet like leaf surface. Probably will place this at the wall side and see what happens.

This is the side view of my ferns and flame violets.

Im still working on this area. Still haven't found the right type of plants that gives this place a maximum look. I had placed all the herb plants here but because of lack of sunlight, they started to turn yellow and some leggy. And so, I had placed them at the fence side but still they look unattractive.

These are the areas which I need to work on. I still haven't find a suitable design for this area where I can enjoy a nice beautiful landscape. I had many times replaced and reposition pots here and somehow, I find it not to my satisfactory type of garden space. (herbs placed here)
Probably I will get it someday. Hopefully it will happen soon.
This is the outside the gate area where I placed my star clusters. This have the maximum sunlight area, Just planted all of them together with jewel of opal and rose moss. Right now all of them are without flowers.


  1. I do love you blog, you obviously have a real passion for your garden, and take beautiful photos. Your garden is a work of art - Thank you and congrats on your hundredth post, may there be 1000 more :-)

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement Anjilala.

  3. I wish I had the weather/ climate to grow the variety of beautiful plants you have. The weather on east coast of the US goes through such drastic changes from season to season a garden like yours would have to be inside :( Im so jealous.

  4. wow... Im surprised to note that Samantha, I always thought that you have a better climate compared to mine.

    I can never grow any plants that thrive in winter, spring or autumn.
    Especially no holly, mistleotoe or oak. No daffodils, hyacinth, tulips or snowdrops.

    Its just summer all day and all year.

  5. loved your garden.. with different plants, diff needs for water, sunlight, replanting, cutting, pruning, weeding, repositioning etc must be quite a task but i think when one loves gardening, these activities refresh you.. it acts like stress buster.. isnt it?

  6. Thanks Tara, yes its quite a task but like what you said, when one loves gardening, these activities just refreshes me.

    Especially when watering the garden, the fresh fragrance coming from the garden - just uplifting.

  7. Amazing garden! I am taken over by the hard work you put into it, and it surely shows. Very very lovely and I wish I had quarter the talent that you have. I'm new to plants and gardening, and have just a few potted plants in my balcony. but I'm excited about each one of them. This blog has truly inspired me. Keep up the good work. And I'm sure these plants keep your summer cool. :)

  8. Thanks sloon, I'm sure you are proud of your balcony garden. Another thing - I do not have summer - I live in a tropical region and so there is no 4 season here.


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