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Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Theme: Floral

I guess there is a lot of study involve in this topic. I had identified some and found that they are way too complicated for layman terms. I also found myself too absorbed with the botanic names and the plant species and in the context got too absorbed with all the details.

On the other hand, I also found that some websites give too few an information that its very basic and doesn't really help much. Finally I decided to put my own compilation of information that is more than basic and what really matters concerning flowers in theme gardening.

These are my list of flowers which I had tried and believe based on my experience.

Flower Types:
Annuals (Short term bloom)

1) Wishbone flower (3 months lifespan from seed - self sowing)
2) Jewel of Opal (6 months lifespan - needed replanting for max. impact)
3) Zinnia (3 months lifespan from seed)
4) Periwinkle (1 year lifespan - self sowing)
5) Black Flamingo (6 months lifespan - high maintenance)
6) Flame Violet (1 year lifespan to few years - based on care)
7) Cosmos
8) Moss Rose - SP, DB
9) Petunia
10) Sunflower
11) Mexican Sunflower

Easy - Perennials (Long term bloom)

1) Lantana - SP, AD
2) Pentas - SP, AD
3) Periwinkle - SP, AD
4) Ixora - SP
5) Alamanda - SP, AD
6) Bougainvillea - SP, D
7) Blackberry lily - SP, MD
8) Heliconia - S, MD
9) Daylilies - S, DB, B
10) Anthurium - S, AD
11) Amaryllis - S, Bb
12) Bleeding Hearts - SP, AD
13) Hibiscus - SP, DB


S - Need sunlight when flowering (will not flower in shady area),
P- Pruning required time to time (becomes leggy)

AD - Flower remains all day and night
NB - Flowers blooms at night
DB - Flowers blooms at day

D - Needs less water (Drought effect) for flowering

MD - Main plant dies after flowering
(may need to trim the whole plant top to bottom as the plant starts to dry up)
new shoot occurs from rhizome.

Bb - Bulb

There is catagories here in the selection of flowers that goes well in these groups:

A) Fragrant flowers:
1) Water Jasmine
2) Orange Jasmine
3) Rangoon Creeper
4) Night Blooming Jasmine

B) Vines
1) Passion flower
2) Morning Glory
3) Golden Vine
4) Bleeding Heart Vine
5) Rangoon Creeper

C) Single Day Bloom
1) Hibiscus
2) Blackberry lily

(Will add on more information time to time)

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