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Friday, May 8, 2009

Weeping Fig - Ficus Benjamina

This tree is known as Weeping Fig or Benjamin Fig (ficus benjamina)
There is a lot that can be found in google on this topic.

I went to a mini supermarket near my house to buy my groceries.
I send my wife to do that and quickly snap some few pictures of these figsthat is friuting.

This one is not ripe yet, still green.

These are the other side where there are rows of figs grown.
The tree look ok - used as ornamental trees along the carpark.
These friuts had rippen to red.

Some close up shots of the friuts.

I was wondering where are those hanging roots...
They look so innocently tamed....

I was thinking of cutting a branch and arranging them in a vase.
They look very beautiful with red berry like friuts.

These are the fallen red friuts..
noticed no plantlets or seedlings from these seeds..
just bare ground and sand..

The roots appeared to be trimmed.
Must be done to maintain the wild side of these weeping figs.

I was looking for the damage that they are so famously known for it.
(for the invasive root behaviour)
And found this at the drainside just below where the tree was planted.

And found these planted growing from there.

I guess another few years, the whole drain kerb is going to be crushed
and damaged, the way these roots are expanding...

These are another place, near my working area.
was these roots trailing into the river from the cemented retaining wall.
If this fig tree happened to have a strangling effect.
I guess its not a pretty sight to see the whole wall broken down.

I guess weeping figs may appear beautiful, but if let uncheck
they can cause a lot of damage to the infrastructure.

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