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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elephant Ears Valley

I had finally arrived to this place.
There are these huge Elephant Ears everywhere (Alocasia)

This is a landscape view of this place.
(pls click on the pic for better view)
The picture didn't do justice as what I saw is too detailed compared to this.
its hard to have a scaling factor, the closest I can get together is those banana tree beside it.

Its a fact that these urban jungle are very temporary.
Chances are some developer might come and cut & clear
this whole place and may consider these as nuisance.

Unless a plant lover or conservation takes place here..
All these are gone with a bulldozer within minutes...

I noticed there is two different types of alocasia here.
The top have the heart shaped leaf and the bottom is more like a spade shaped leaf.

Or probably both are the same type...

I managed to put my foot at the slope to hold the leaf,
but I cannot get the scaling factor right as (my hand looked small from here)

These have the flowers and buds.
I was unable to zoom from my handphone camera.
Wanted to take the flowers and friuts.
Probably do it again with another camera.

I heard few "wild" dogs barking around. Left immediately as it was also getting late for me (lunch break is just an hour) Somehow I loved this place, there is a huge collection of dumbcane plant at the bottom (which my handphone camera cannot zoom to take those pictures)
I also noticed a beautiful bird (bulbul - if Im not wrong) was constantly flying to & fro in that place.

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