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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caladium in the wild

This plant is known as Fancy Leaved Caladium (Caladium Bicolor)

I took this pictures near my office during my lunch break. It was growing wildly near a carpark area. Im sure one of the days, a grass cutter is going to come and "slice off" all these caladium on day.

Though its beautiful, I have yet to see it growing in any of the gardeners around my area as they are very common and considered a "wild plant"

These are from a different location.
(near by workplace too)

It was quite windy both days when I took these shots.
(as you can notice the leaves are folding)

There was no rain for few days..
and I guess these caladium withers (last pic) due the lack of water.

I had these caladium in my garden, after a season - all the leaves dried up and formed up a bulb.
It do well in sunny area and my garden is very much shaddy.

I might introduce this plant again..
Maybe later, when I get zealous over these colours again.


  1. I like your picture James....!

  2. I have these Calladium in my garden. I kept them in shaded area. Didn't know that they like sunny spot. I realized sometimes the scorching heat burnt their leaves.

  3. J.C. - Yes, scorching heat may burn the leaves when there is not enough water. Basically those which goes in the wild are very much exposed to heat,but not lacking water.


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