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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black Velvet Begonia

This star shaped begonia have a clustered of grapes look.
Its more beautiful towards the evening, when it have a velvet blue shade look.
The florescent pigment can be noticed later in the evening.
Truly gives a stunning look.

(when there is lack of water, all the leaves hangs down drop dead - once water, they simply resurrect back to life without any casualities - unlike maidenhair fern - she will punish me by burning all her leaves..)

Tips to care for this plant:

1) This plant needed to placed in hanging pots and to use easy drainage soil. Soggy soil (clay) may rot the root and the whole plant may die.

2) To be placed in shady area. Direct sunlight may turned the leaves to brown & burned leaves.

3) Not to water or mist the leaves as it may stain the leaf. (hairy leaves) Do not tolerate water on the leaves. (will have burn spots & unattractive colour) Chances are the velvet surface get tarnished and the (hairy) surface gets tainted with dust.

I had placed them on the ground together with the curved begonia.
It didn't give a colourful red look as I imaged but a dulled bronze look.
At the curved begonia turned bronze colour - not sure whether its dying or too much of everything (sun & water)
I had repositioned them in hanging pots - not a good idea in placing them as ground plants.

These are the humble beginnings of my begonia.
My friend who shares the same passion in gardening had passed a small plantlet for me to try out. (unfortunately hers had already died)
I found its quite hardy compared to wax begonia which is quite unpredictable.
These velvet leaves have a hard membrane that makes the leaves not to wilt or wither.
They just turn brown and dry up.

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